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The only thing that stays with you from the moment you're born until the moment you die is your breath. We experience every emotion with the change of the breath, you can navigate any situation in life. Here are 3 key ways to be mindful in our daily life.

1) Breathwork: for Physical benefits (balance & calmness)

2) Visualisation: for Psychological benefits (to heal the past and prepare for the future)

3) Chanting: for Psychic benefits (for real purification)

Mindfulness practices can help us feel more grounded, calm and present during the challenges of life. We connect professionals and individuals and deliver mindfulness training. Several disciplines and practices can cultivate mindfulness, such as yoga, tai chi and qigong, but most of the literature has focused on mindfulness that is developed through mindfulness meditation — those self-regulation practices that focus on training attention and awareness in order to bring mental processes under greater voluntary control and thereby foster general mental well-being and development and/or specific capacities such as calmness, clarity and concentration (Walsh & Shapiro, 2006).

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