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Practice at Your Own Pace

Our mindfulness courses provides a broad overview of the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices. With interactive exercises to help students explore their own attitudes, mental habits and behaviours.

Types of service:

- Individual

- Group

​Who should attend:

  • Anyone who is interested in changing the way that they live on a daily basis

  • Anyone who finds themselves unable to change their old patterns or habits

  • Anyone who wishes to find more joy and freedom in life

  • Anyone who is interested in Buddhist teachings, meditation, and becoming more grounded

Our sessions are specially curated to offer a pathway for living with more freedom, authenticity and ease. Featured components of the course include experiential exercises, personal reflection and interactive discussions and guided meditations, to stimulate thinking and imbibe ethical living.


Our additional sessions:

  • Face your Fears

  • Become mindful at work

  • Thrive in unpredictable times

  • Wellness and success

  • Elevate your happiness

  • Relaxation and deep sleep

  • Five spiritual powers

Duration: 90 mins for online, 2 hours for offline

We can customise the programs based on your request.


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